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Sarah Kadrnka: illustrations with watercolour

Sarah Kadrnka, a BA Illustration¬†student, chose two watercolours by Silver Studio designer, Winifred Mold, as the theme of her video. “I chose my objects because I really loved the composition and style of the pieces. Being an avid watercolour user myself, I was drawn to Winifred Mold’s pieces. I found this project fun. I enjoyed […]

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Loan: ‘The Cult of Beauty’, V&A (2011)

Back in 2011, the V&A‘s exhibition The Cult of Beauty¬†explored the rise of the Aesthetic movement in Britain. ¬†Members of the Aesthetic movement – including artists such as Whistler, Rossetti and Leighton – wished to escape the ugliness they saw resulting from Britain’s Industrial Revolution; and wanted instead to create an escapist world of ‘Beauty’. […]

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