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Anne Burke: Reinterpreting MoDA’s photography collections

Thousands of photographic images can be found within the books, folios and prints of MoDA’s collection. They depict various subjects, from nineteenth-century portraits to botanical images of trees, flowers and plants. They also depict museum objects such as textiles and ceramics from Europe and elsewhere. Many of these photographs were acquired by the Silver Studio […]

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Project: Floral Photographs of Japan

MoDA is currently seeking funding to conserve three historic albums of collotypes by pioneering Japanese photographer Kazumasa Ogawa.  These three albums – Lilies of Japan (1893), Chrysanthemums of Japan, (1893), and Some Japanese Flowers (1894) – are remarkable for the beauty of the images and for their close observation of nature. Who was Ogawa and […]

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Picture Post Puzzle

Assistant Curator Louisa Knight finds an intriguing puzzle in the Charles Hasler Collection. She explains in her own words. Auditing is an every-day sort of activity in the life of a museum worker. It involves sifting through objects, ticking off numbers and making sure everything is where it’s supposed to be. The other week I was […]

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