Perspectives on gender

What is your perspective on gender?

image of Magali Peyrefitte Senior lecturer in Criminology and Deviance at Brunel University

On these pages, we aim to point you towards the many ways in which you might approach gender when looking at MoDA’s collections. We don’t attempt to give one single definition of gender, but a basic working definition must be our starting point:

Gender is socially constructed and relational, it concerns the norms that govern our sexuality and our social interactions. It relates to the ways in which we perform our ‘selves’ in the public and private realms. Importantly, gender is different to ‘sex’, which attends to the biological over social aspects of identity formation.

We’ve asked a number of Middlesex University academics and artists to gives us their own view on gender. We see this as part of an ongoing conversation, and if you’d like to contribute with your thoughts and/or feature in our video please email us at We are keen to work with academics, students, and anyone else interested in this area, and we look forward to hearing from you!