MoDA’s Silver Studio Collection includes 400 Japanese katagami. These are traditional Japanese resist-printing stencils for textiles. They are a great source of inspiration for students.

collection of katagami stencils

MoDA’s katagami stencils date from the late ninteenth century. They represent one of the largest and most significant public collections of katagami in Britain (others are at the V&A Museum in London, and Leeds University’s ULITA).

The katagami in MoDA’s Silver Studio Collection are among our most popular objects. They hold a fascination for students and creative practitioners because of the intricacy of their cutting and the beauty and stylisation of the motifs depicted.

Explore our collection below, and have a look at the short online reading list on the influence of Japan that we have put together

Peonies and fundo tsunagi Katagami stencil

View a selection of katagami stencils in our collection