Dr Jill Stewart: A housing and health perspective on MoDA’s collections

Dr Jill Stewart talks about her use of MoDA's collections in her teaching and research

MoDA’s collections are used in many different ways, as inspiration for designers and a starting point for creative practice.

But the collections can also provide an arts perspective for students studying science degrees at Middlesex UniversityDr Jill Stewart is a Senior Lecturer in Housing and Environmental Health, and has used MoDA’s collections frequently in her teaching.




Jill and her students are interested in issues relating to poor housing and the effects of this on public health.  MoDA’s collections reveal that these problems are not new.  They provide students with an historical perspective on issues which are still of concern today, and provoke discussion on how similar problems were tackled in the past.

Garden Suburbs booklets like this are among the items Jill uses to teach about housing and health.

Student Video Makers

This video was made by Middlesex University students Liam Freeman, Jessica Chandler and Daniel Chan, all from the TV Production course.  This project required them to work together as a team, to choose and use the right equipment, to communicate effectively with each other and with Jill, and to shoot and edit the video according to our brief.

We think they did such a great job that we’ve invited them back to make another video next year, this time as part of a paid project.


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