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At MoDA, we are very interested in collaborating with others to make best use of digital tools and platforms to open up our collections and knowledge and share them with as wide an audience as possible.


Our Collections Manager, Sian Woodward, has been looking at ways to store, share and manage MoDA’s research outputs.  One way of doing this is to use a digital repository. Vimal Shah, Middlesex University’s Research Information Manager, made us aware of Middlesex University’s involvement in the JISC Research Data Shared Service (RDSS) Pilot. As a result of this, MoDA had the opportunity to try a digital repository called figshare. You can find out how we got started here.

A year on from starting to use figshare, the research project at the heart of our trial has been completed. Figshare invited Sian to present a case study on MoDA at Figshare Fest London 2018.

Figshare fest is a gathering of figshare’s institutional clients, advocates, and friends. It offers a chance to talk about everything Figshare and open research. This year’s other speakers were from Carnegie Mellon University, University of Salford, Loughborough University, TULP interactive and Figshare.

Sian presenting at figshare Fest 2018

Sian has shared her presentation and notes using figshare.

There is a lot of potential for using a digital repository like Figshare, but there is also lot to learn. As a result we plan to build digital file management into projects and processes from the start. We hope to continue to develop our use of such platforms. For the moment, we are excited that the research outputs of our Katagami project are easier to find, easier to view and easier to reuse. This opens up new possibilities for the research, which can hopefully continue to develop.  You can find all the data and papers at our project and symposium portals:

Katatgami Project portal

Symposium: Japonisme in Design – Translating Cross-Cultural Material Culture

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