“I Am A Magazine”

I Am A Magazine (IAAM) was a large-scale, complex project involving hundreds of Middlesex staff and students which took place in early January 2017.

people sitting and talking

Magazines are a rich research resource for students. They combine text with images, layout and format; they are a physical and tangible material medium, which is still relevant in an age of digital natives. Print magazines remain a mainstay of contemporary material and visual culture. Magazines are interesting and relevant because they are simultaneously so ubiquitous and so ephemeral that they are often overlooked as objects of serious enquiry.

Together MoDA and Middlesex University’s library have around more than 450 magazine titles, from Practical householder, to Visionaire.  We wanted to draw these important resources to students’ attention and encourage them to critically analyse them as powerful cultural artefacts.

The main part of the IAAM project took place in the first week back after the Christmas break, in January 2017. At the launch of the project, each group of students was given a box of magazines, and was tasked to use them as the starting point for creative exploration of their collaborative practice.

I Am A Magazine developed into a successful example of cross-disciplinary, cross-team and collaborative working for both students and staff.  The energy that the students displayed during the week, and the ambition of much of the work they produced, indicated that most participants engaged fully and effectively with the collaborative, interdisciplinary and self-directed nature of the project.

You can find a brief online reading list on magazines here.