“Asa-no-ha” (Overlapping hemp leaves) katagami stencil

Brief description

"Asa-no-ha" (Overlapping hemp leaves) katagami stencil, 1828 - 1880


1828 - 1880


height: 241mm
width: 402mm

More details

The hemp plant was known to grow rapidly and straight, Asa-no-ha pattern was often added to children's garments to encourage their healthy growth. Also the wives of merchants used to wear Asa-no-ha patterns to bring their family good fortune. This Katagami pattern is shown in Ukiyo-e Kimonos gaining popularity around late Edo period (1780-1867). Ukiyo-e prints reflected the kimonos worn by famous theatre actors and Oiran geishas and influenced the popular fashion trends all around Japan. This is one of around 400 Japanese katagami stencils which are part of the Silver Studio Collection. The stencils were produced in Japan as a way of applying patterns to fabric, mainly kimonos. The katagami collected by the Silver Studio were used by their designers as reference material to produce their own Japanese-inspired patterns.

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