Support us

We aim to make the Museum of Domestic Design and Architecture an effective resource for students, researchers and the general public. We think that interesting things happen when people come together with museum objects and staff expertise.

The Museum is part of Middlesex University, and most of our funding is received this way. But we rely on the generosity of a network of supporters to help us do more with our fabulous collections

You can help us to care for the collections and enable them to be enjoyed by more people. Donations help to fund essential conservation work which means more objects can be used by members of the public, researchers and students.

Your support ensures the collections are preserved in the long-term, making them available for future generations.

To donate to MoDA, visit the Middlesex University donations page and check the box for the ‘Museum of Domestic Design and Architecture’.

Here are some examples of what we could do with your donations:

£5 Enables us to buy one archival standard box, allowing us to store up to 200 small Silver Studio designs on paper. This means they are accessible to present and future users.
£12 Pays for one original Silver Studio design to be cleaned and stored in an archival standard polyester sleeve. This means it can be seen and handled by today’s members of the public, researchers and students, as well as preserving it for future users.
£60 Allows us to photograph ten items from our collections and make them available online for anyone to view. We have thousands of images already available on our website, but there are thousands more photographs waiting to be taken and discovered by audiences worldwide.
£120 Pays for expert labour and materials to preserve ten large format wallpaper samples through surface cleaning, and housing in archival-standard polyester sleeves. This allows the samples to be made accessible to members of the public, researchers and students, and preserves them for future users.
£500 Pays for one conservation-grade frame, allowing us to send objects on tour to other venues, so our collections can be seen by thousands more people.

Please note that the online donation system is a secure system and your contact details will not be passed to MoDA staff. If you would like to be kept up to date with museum activities please join the mailing list.