Student Snapshots

MoDA’s Student Snapshot project encourages students to get creative on screen.

Early in 2017, MoDA’s Curator Serena Dyer teamed up with Middlesex University’s Employability team  to commission students to make videos about the museum’s collections.

The project aimed to help develop student employability skills, through presentation skills training and self-confidence.  We also intended to help students develop their critical thinking skills and gain experience of storyboarding a video.

The videos written and presented by the students conveyed how creatively and imaginatively they had engaged with our collections. The videos are gaining good exposure on YouTube, bringing benefit to both the students and to MoDA.

The project offered students that key first step into the job market. The feedback forms revealed that for some of them this was their first paid role. We aim to monitor the positive influence of the project on their future job prospects with a follow up questionnaire one year after their involvement.

This project built on our interest in video as a tool for understanding how students engage with collections, which we looked at in the Inspiration Examined Project

This project is on hold for the moment due to staff absence, but please keep an eye out for further announcements.

Reading List: Student Video Pedagogy