Palladio Wallpaper

MoDA holds a series of wallpaper albums from the important post-war Palladio range.

unicorn design palladio wallpaper

The Palladio range was produced by Lightbown Aspinall between the 1950s and early 1970s.  It represented a bold and experimental vision for post-war wallpaper.

More than fifty artists and designers were involved in creating the Palladio range, including Roger and Robert Nicholson, Audrey Levy, Terence Conran and Althea McNish.  The Palladio range launched the careers of many young designers in the 1950s and 60s.

The papers in the Palladio range were lavish, screen-printed, artist designed wallpapers.  They were aimed at architects working on large-scale interiors.

Browse the flipbooks below to see the full range of designs.

Palladio 1

Palladio 2

Palladio 3

Palladio 4

Palladio Modus

This research developed out of a wallpaper conservation project at MoDA, funded by the Association of Independent Museums.

Part of the aim of the conservation was to make it possible for people to browse the albums without physically handling them.  So we created a series of flipbooks for you to look through here.