Phantom Rose

Brief description

'Phantom Rose' wallpaper design by Audrey Levy, Part of Palladio Wallpaper Pattern Book No. 2 from 1957.




height: 510mm
width: 755mm


Lightbown Aspinall

More details

In 1958 Audrey Levy won a 'Design of the Year' award from the Council of Industrial design for this wallpaper, she had also won an award the previous year for design called 'Impasto'. This design featured in an article be John E. Blake in 'Design' magazine, January 1957. The article noted that 'The silk screen printing technique has been used to reproduce accurately very personal qualities in the drawing … the free cross-hatched lines merge to read as widely differing variations of tone." The development of silk screen printing in the wallpaper industry was central to the vision of Palladio because it allowed for bigger, bolder prints without compromising detail.

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