“Kawari Mimasu-tsunagi” (Variation for three overlapped squares) pattern

Brief description

"Kawari Mimasu-tsunagi" (Variation for three overlapped squares) pattern katagami stencil, 1850 - 1880


1850 - 1880


height: 255mm
width: 412mm
stencil height: 158mm
stencil width: 353mm

More details

This "Kawari Mimasu-tsunagi" (Variation for three overlapped squares) pattern shows three different sized squares representing a large, medium and small masu or square sake cup, incorporated with stripe patterns. This is one style variation of the traditional Mimasu-tsunagi. Ichikawa Danjūrō I (1660-1704) created a dramatic lightening effect for Kabuki theatre; and from the pattern of that effect he developed the Mimasu-tsunagi pattern.The Ichikawa Kabuki theatre actor family still use Mimasu-tsunagi as their family crest. This is one of around 400 Japanese katagami stencils which are part of the Silver Studio Collection. The stencils were produced in Japan as a way of applying patterns to fabric, mainly kimonos. The katagami collected by the Silver Studio were used by their designers as reference material to produce their own Japanese-inspired patterns.

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