Wot cher! Polka


Early 20th Century




Double sided sheet of paper



More details

Colour lithograph music sheet cover titled.Wot Cher!',with reproduced photographic image. Originally composed in 1891 by brothers Albert Chevalier and Charles Ingle and sung by Albert. Arranged for this music cover by John Crook. Lithographer H.G. Banks, using photographic image by Bertram Chevalier(brother to Albert and Charles]. Published by Reynolds & Company. London. Early twentieth century. Colour lithogragh. Title in red to top rigth 'WOT CHER! / Polka'. With blue leaf scroll oval frame. Red inside the frame with a reproduced photographic image of Albert Chevalier, showing his back, with his head turned towards the view. The head and his hat are oversized. Text next to him ' ALBERT CHEVALIER / IN HIS / SUCCESSFUL SONG / WOT CHER! / OR / KNOCKED 'EM IN THE / OLD KENT ROAD'. Text below frame 'ARRANGED / BY / JOHN CROOK / ON / CHARLES INGLE'S FAMOUS MELODY'. Verso has performance details.

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