Miss Magnet’s cookery book for Magnet electric cookers containing specially selected recipes – prepared for cooking & baking and giving all directions for using Magnet electric cookers

Brief description

'Miss Magnet's cookery book for Magnet electric cookers' by General Electric Company, London, 1933.




height: 225mm
width: 150mm


General Electric Company, London

More details

This book, entitled ‘Miss Magnet’s Cookery Book for Magnet Electric Cookers’ was published by General Electric Company in 1933. In the 1930s, electricity was made more widely available in suburban areas. Newly built homes were supplied with electricity as standard and there were power points in most rooms. Electrical appliances such as cookers and vacuum cleaners were increasingly popular in British homes. Electric cookers such as the one in the illustration functioned differently to the solid fuel ranges that were traditionally used in British homes. Cookery books such as this one gave instructions and advice on their use to 1930s housewives. Ultimately, gas cookers remained more popular than electric because the temperature could be adjusted more easily.

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