‘Herb Antony’ curtains by Lucienne Day

Brief description

'Herb Antony' curtains by Lucienne Day, 1956.




height: 1540mm
width: 1220mm


Heal & Son, London

More details

This textile is entitled ‘Herb Antony’ and was created by designer Lucienne Day in 1956 for London-based manufacturer Heal & Son Ltd. Lucienne Day was a famous textile designer. After the Second World War she produced brightly coloured, bold textiles with abstract patterns. These innovative designs were popular with consumers, who were seeking a new look for their homes following the drab austerity of war time. Her designs were an alternative to traditional floral patterns and were particularly popular with young people in the 1950s. This particular pair of curtains was bought by a newly married couple for their flat in Hornsey in 1956.

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