Living Well: health, wellbeing and the built environment

Living well

Who is this day for?

This study day is aimed at students from Nursing, Nursing and Mental Health, Social Work, and Public Health from Middlesex University, as well as researchers and health practitioners in these fields.

What will be covered?

The design of our built environment – the space in which we live and work – is increasingly recognized as an important factor in our health and wellbeing.  We can think about ‘health’ not just in terms of individuals, but in terms of the factors that affect all of us. This day-long conference will bring together speakers researching/working in housing, public health policy and architecture to discuss how these issues are relevant to nursing and health practitioners.

Among the themes of the conference, we will touch on a variety of topics including the unhealthy city and homelessness, experiences of mental distress and housing, representations of council housing in the media, community-centred design of the built environment, and smart homes for ageing populations.

There will be opportunities to participate in discussions with clear links to the curriculum, a delegate pack, and access to additional online resources/suggestions for further reading. You can access the reading list here.

Who are the speakers?

Speakers will include Anna Minton (University of East London), Andy Guise (King’s College London), Laura McGrath (Open University), Katie Beswick (University of Exeter), Conrad Murray (artist), Jill Stewart (Middlesex University), Juan Augusto (Middlesex University), Jan Kattein (Jan Kattein Architects), Darron Haylock (Foster & Partners). The study day will feature a screening of the film A Pool of Information (1993, 35′) along with a Q&A with its director Jini Rawlings.

This event is organised by the Museum of Domestic Design and Architecture (MoDA) in collaboration with the School of Health and Education (Middlesex University). If you have questions about the study day, get in touch with

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