Crown Wallpapers

MoDA’s wallpaper collections are both an important historical resource and a fascinating visual resource for anyone interested in colour and pattern.

This is one of the UK’s best collections of non-elite wallpapers of the late nineteenth to the mid twentieth centuries, along with the wallpapers of MoDA’s Silver Studio Collection. The majority of the wallpapers held here were intended for the mass market, not for ‘high-end’ consumers.

We also have a good selection of artist-designed wallpapers from the 1930s to the 1960s. These include examples by Edward Bawden, John Aldridge and Peggy Angus, and albums from the Palladio range.

The Crown Wallpaper Collection complements MoDA’s other collections, locating wallpaper in its domestic setting and placing it in the context of histories of consumption, in particular in relation to suburbia.

We’ve put together a short online reading list about the history of wallpaper.