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Christmas Gazelles?

Nicola Stylianou explains how the audit answered questions about an unusual design in the Silver Studio collection.

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New Book about Wallpaper

Wallpaper has been the backdrop to our homes for hundreds of years Wallpaper can make a home feel modern or traditional, and is one of the easiest ways to express personal taste.  It has also had an important part to play in British homes, reflecting technological, economic and social change. Whether or not you have wallpaper […]

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Paperweight Radio: Collections

This episode of Paperweight Radio looked at the theme of Collections.  It was part of a series produced and hosted by Juliette Kristensen. This programme featured contributions from Goldmiths’ Curator of Art and Textile Collections Jenny Doussan; material culture specialists and historians Leonie Hannan and Kate Smith from University College London’s 100 Hours Project, MoDA‘s Head […]

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