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The Craft of the Japanese Stencil, ULITA (2017)

MoDA holds one of the UK’s important collections of Japanese katagami stencils.  Another significant collection can be found at ULITA, part of Leeds University. In 2017, ULITA held an exhibition which celebrated the art of the Japanese stencil or ‘katagami’.  These stencils were used for dyeing designs onto clothing ranging from everyday worker’s garments to the […]

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Dots and spots: mathematical analysis of katagami patterns

We have always known that the katagami stencils in MoDA’s collections are remarkable.  Mathematical analysis by Dr Alice Humphrey has revealed more about just how extraordinary they are. Alice undertook a mathematical analysis of many of the katagami in MoDA’s collection.  She looked at the creation of shaded effects by means of differently spaced dots […]

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