Images and Licensing

Non-commercial use of MoDA’s images 

If you would like to use our images for student essays, projects, dissertations, PhD theses, lectures and presentations or creative inspiration, you are welcome to do so. Please contact Claire Isherwood for further information.

We won’t charge you for this kind of use, but we like to keep a record of the many interesting ways in which people use our collections. We may need to charge a fee to cover costs of photography or for staff time if we do not already have digital images or you are requesting a large number of items.

Unfortunately we are unable to provide research services and you may need to book a Study Room appointment at MoDA’s Collection Centre if you do not already know the image(s) you require. Please complete our appointment booking form or email

Commercial Use of MoDA’s images

If you wish to use our images for commercial purposes (such as reproduction in books, magazines, exhibitions and online use), you will need to complete an agreement form and pay a small fee. The fee will depend on the purpose(s) for which you intend to use the image. Many of the objects in our collection are still in copyright so further clearances may be required.

We also offer designs to clients for a range of products including fabric, greetings cards, furnishings and tableware. All licenses are non-exclusive and copyright is not assigned to the licensee.

For all enquiries about commercial use of our images, please contact MoDA’s Business Manager, Claire Isherwood.