Digital Platforms to Enable Learning – Wikipedia

At MoDA, we are very interested in collaborating with others to make best use of digital tools and platforms to open up our collections and knowledge and share them with as wide an audience as possible.


Earlier this year, MoDA staff began exploring another digital platform by attending the ‘Learning and Teaching with Wiki-Sources’ event. This was run at Middlesex University by the University Library, Centre for Academic Practice Enhancement (CAPE) and the Media Department, with training from Hannah Evans (Wikimedia UK Programme Coordinator). During the session, MoDA worked on an article on Arthur Silver .

As a result of this session, we have joined forces with Stefan Lutschinger, Lecturer in Digital Media, to develop our use of Wikipedia. Stefan has successfully embedded Wikipedia modules into the curriculum, getting students to engage in editing and providing references for Wikipedia articles in order to ensure credibility across the website, using quality sources like journals and scholarly articles. MoDA are employing Miriam Eidesen, as our first Wikipedian in Residence. She is Student Learning Assistant for the MED2010 Media and Participation module which includes the Wikipedia assignment. As Wikipedian in Residence, Miriam will edit Wikipedia pages for MoDA. She will also support and train other students to become involved in the project and the use of Wikipedia.

Our aims are to support the development of student digital literacy skills, and enhance their academic practices. This includes carrying out research, and referencing sources. The students will publish their work in Wikipedia articles, which will give them experience of peer review through Wikipedia’s editing system. It will also enable them to have confidence in their work.

It will be interesting to report on how this project develops, and what we learn from developing our use of this platform over the coming year.

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