‘Making Waves’ – a documentary film by students

Students from Middlesex University’s TV Production course have produced a really interesting short documentary, as part of MoDA’s Katagami in Practice project.

The project was set as a ‘live brief’ for the students.  The aim was to make a documentary film which followed practitioner Caroline Collinge in the process of filming a dance performance.  Caroline’s work as part of the Katagami in Practice project involved making an elaborate paper costume for a dancer, using folding techniques inspired by the Japanese stencils in MoDA’s collections. Caroline was also inspired by the idea of waves, and the flowing lines often seen in Art Nouveau designs.

Students Rafael Marques Conceição, Alexandra Guerreiro Duarte and Klaudia Monika Slowik had worked together before but this experience brought them closer and proved to be an exciting learning experience for them. They interviewed Caroline on location in her studio and captured some of the rehearsals, as well as her reflections on her creative process. Their documentary film is called ‘Making Waves’.

The student team learnt a lot from participating in the project, and we are delighted with the professional results that they have achieved.  The documentary was given its first public screening today at MoDA, alongside the film of Caroline’s dance performance.  The two films work really well together, exploring both the process of making a piece of artwork and the final outcome.  

Caroline Collinge (right) with Middlesex University TV Production students discussing the project at MoDA


Read more of Rita’s reflections on the learning process on her blog.

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