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How can I use the online catalogue?

You can choose to ‘show all records’ to see everything that is available online.

If you choose to ‘show archive records only‘, you’ll see items from the Charles Hasler Collection and magazines and journals.

Clicking on ‘show object records only‘ will give you all of our designs, wallpapers, textiles and books.

You can also narrow your selection to look at different types of object: Books | Designs | Ephemera | Textiles | Wallpaper.

We’re working on making it possible to browse by theme as well; this function will be available shortly.

The Search box in the top right hand corner will show collections results in the first instance, or you can choose to ‘show all results’ to display pages from other parts of the website.


Why can’t I find things that I know you have?

We don’t make everything in our collections available online.  We are aiming to offer a representative selection of what we’ve got.  This is because we want to make sure that records have a good quality image and caption before we make them available.

We also want this website to show the many ways in which people use our collections. So we’ve been focusing on that rather than making more records available.

We aim to make more items available online in due course, but it’s a slow process!  If you want to find out about something that you know we have but you can’t find it here, please email us instead.

We’re still working on this part of the site…

If you have any questions or suggestions about how it all works please leave a comment below.

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