Seika University and Oita Prefectural Museum, Japan (2017)

During summer 2017, our Katagami in Practice project made an impact overseas. An exhibition, curated by MoDA’s Zoe Hendon and Serena Dyer, was hosted by Seika University in Kyoto, and the Oita Prefectural Museum in Japan.

Japan and the Silver Studio

This exhibition explored the influence of Japanese katagami stencils on Western art in the nineteenth century, and in particular the outputs of the Silver Studio in the 1890s. Japanese people are aware of the importance of katagami in their own culture.   But they are interested to find out more about how they were used in the West, and the exhibition was very well received.

The exhibitions were organised as part of the research trip carried out by Mamiko Markham, one of the researchers on our Katagami in Practice project. Mamiko spent the summer of 2017 in Japan to conduct further research, and to make international connections with Japanese researchers and practitioners.

View the dual-language exhibition panels in this flipbook.

Watch the video, which accompanied the exhibition in Japan, to find out more about the ways in which Japanese stencils influenced the Silver Studio.


Katagami in Action

During her trip, Mamiko met with Professor Mika Toba of Seika University, Kyoto.  Professor Toba is one of the world’s leading exponents of the traditional techniques of katagami and katazome.

Professor Toba in one of the workshops at Seika University

We hope that Mamiko’s trip will lead on to further research, teaching and exhibition collaborations in the future.

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