Spotlight on the Digital

In 2015 we added about 500 digital images from the museum’s collections to the Visual Arts Data Service (VADS).  VADS is a content aggregator that provides online access to a growing collection of visual images contributed by universities, libraries, museums and archives from across the UK, which can be used freely for education.

The addition of the records to VADS forms part of a wider project to make MoDA’s online collections easier to discover, and was made possible with a scholarship from Jisc, the not-for-profit organization for higher, further education and skills.

The collection contributed by MoDA includes well-known graphic designs, typography and book design, advertisements and posters, wallpapers, textiles, fashion, and interior design.

Spotlight on the Digital

We were fortunate to be part of a Jisc-funded project called Spotlight on the Digital during 2015, which helped us with this work.

Adding records to VADS will increase the visibility of MoDA’s collections to specialist academic and student audiences, which is of course a great achievement. But crucially, this project is important because MoDA staff were instrumental in helping to develop a set of custom-built analytics on the VADS site for the first time.

This will make it possible to find out more about how students use VADS and whether it drives traffic to MoDA’s own website.  We will feed this data into  the museum’s Balanced Value Impact Model to demonstrate impact for the museum’s digital outputs and help strategize future projects.

You can view the MoDA collections on VADS at:

Our report on the project, Implementing resource discovery techniques at the Museum of Domestic Design and Architecture is available here


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